What exactly is Video Marketing? Is it Worth the Effort?

When asked, “What is video marketing?” my common response it, “it depends.” Since it truly boils down to what you are looking for to accomplish when you ask that query. Are you seeking to industry a video or use video as element of the marketing campaigns? Clearly these represent two distinctly various questions with two various answers.

What exactly is Video Marketing – Marketing with Video

People who are marketing with video are the ones that are attempting to promote a product or service and wish to incorporate a video or videos as part of a direct marketing campaign. Marketing with video might be as basic as adding a video to a company’s site.

Another common practice would be to use video on a splash page or squeeze page created to grab the interest of a possible prospect and compel them to provide up their make contact with data to learn more. Video has also proven effective in escalating response and click by way of rates when added to an e-mail follow series.

An excellent instance is when marketing with video is employed to explain to visitors particular elements of a product, when the individual comes directly to a firm website. Place that same video on YouTube and it’s not almost as beneficial, even though there’s nothing to cease the business posting the video in each places.

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Job Losses Are Coming

One day I went to Google News and did a search for “Job Losses” and “Job Cuts.” What I found was quite an eye-opener.

Tiffany & Co to cut jobs in 2016 (less than 800).
J&J to cut 3000 jobs in medical devices division.
Yahoo could lay off 10% of their workers, but some say it could go as high as 25%. This could be 1000, or up to 2500 workers. Maybe more, I didn’t do much research into the total number of employees they have.
BP to cut 4000 employees.
Walmart closing 269 stores that could impact up to 10000 people.
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When I saw this I realized that for 18,000 individuals their world is about to change. There will no doubt be some people who have been at their respective jobs for 20+ years. It may be the only job they’ve ever had, or even one they’ve had for so long they’ve become complacent, and not taken the time to learn any new skills. Those individuals will now have nothing to fall back on and could be in for a very long road. Many of them will need a new job, and other ways to earn income. What are they going to do?

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Would You Rather – Lottery or Education?

Education - not the LotteryYou might recall the 1.6 BILLION dollar Powerball Lottery in January 2016. There were no doubt stories of people spending hundreds of dollars on a one time shot at an amount of money beyond their dreams. The odds were small, of course, 1 in 292 … Million. It wasn’t the proverbial 1 in a Million, it was a 1 in 292 Million. I’m sure you heard it over and over, you have a better chance if getting struck by lighting than you do winning the lotto.

This may sound odd coming from a high school drop out, but if you had to choose the lotto or education, you would be better off taking the education route. Let me show you why.

If you are working at a regular job, one that requires you to be available at a certain time every weekday (or weekend), then you are not going to get ahead in life. Your earnings potential will be limited by what your employer decides to pay you, not by what you feel you should be earning.

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13 Mind Hacks For A Successful Business

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I was recently listening to a daily wake up call and the presenter was listing her 13 mind hacks for a successful business. It was a great call, and even greater to hear how the presenter had used these mind hacks to help grow her business. See, she and her husband had to sell their home because they simply ran out of money. After learning some new marketing ideas, and implementing these hacks, her and her husband are well on their way to a successful future. If it’s working for them, shouldn’t you try them?13 Mind Hacks For A Successful Business

Here now are the 13 Mind Hacks For A Successful Business

Show up

Show up to events. Show up to conference calls. Stay plugged into your community. Just staying connected to your community will help you in your quest to become a leader in your field.

Be authentic

Do not try to be the next Tony Robbins. Figure out who you want to be, and how you want to serve. The market doesn’t need another Tony Robbins, or Dianne Hochman. It needs people who are authentic in what they do and how they do it.

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How To – A Professional LinkedIn Profile

It should come as no surprise that there are many different social networks out there today. One of these networks is LinkedIn, and is used by over 400 million people, and growing each day. If you are working to brand yourself it is very important to have a professional styled LinkedIn profile. Here are my recommendations to help you create a professional looking LinkedIn profile.

The Basics

Before you start making changes to your profile there are two things that you need to do.

  1. Turn off Share Profile Edits
  2. Turn off “Who can see your activity feed”

Why? Anytime that you make a change to your LinkedIn Profile the default is for LinkedIn to broadcast those changes to everyone in your network. To prevent everyone from seeing every single change you make right away, turn these settings off.

Improve Searchability

People are on LinkedIn for a variety of reasons. One of them is to look for talent to fill a position. Little things make a huge difference in the searchability of your profile. For example, “Director Of Marketing” has a nice sound to it but may not be the best choice. Why? A recruiter is more likely to type “Marketing Director” when looking to fill a position. Yes, you and I both know they mean the same thing. However to a computer these are different things, and could limit your rankings in the internal LinkedIn search engine.

When writing your professional headline keep it, well, professional. “Guru” as a headline probably isn’t going to get you very far. Pointing out that you are a “Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)” however has a better chance of being seen by humans as a worthy headline, and someone they may want to contact.

Let’s talk about your photo for a second. You should have a professional looking photo, one that represents your brand, but also something that people might be expecting to see for some in your line of work. If you are a construction worker, then appearing in a suit and tie may not be needed. However if you are a Chief of <Anything> then you should dress the part (if you will.)

These are just some ideas you can use to clean up your profile, and increase your visibility on the LinkedIn network.

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