MLSP Will Not Make Money For You

Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed that some people joining MLSP thinking it’s going to make money for them, or that they have to promote it to others. Today I wanted to give you my opinion about MLSP, what it is, and what it isn’t.
Let me start with what it isn’t. MLSP is not a network marketing program, nor a MLM. It’s not a program that if you join, requires you to push their service onto other people. In my opinion, very few people should be joining MLSP with the sole intent to make some money. If you plan to make money from MLSP, you should be a marketer with some experience, or a pre-existing list, if you want to make any money in the first few months.

What is MLSP?

MLSP is an education platform that has numerous training modules designed to help you get leads for your business. It also has courses that show you how to market you, and not your business. While those may seem as if they are two completely different aspects, in a sense, they are not. Here is why. Pick a small company that you do business with. Why do you do business with them? Statistically speaking, you are doing business with them because they do a good job, and you like them. That’s right, you like them. The same thing applies to your business. If people don’t like *you* then, what incentive to they have to purchase from your business?
If you are in Network Marketing and someone else in your company is trying to recruit a friend of yours, who are they more likely to sign up with? Odds are that once you talk to your friend about the business they are going to sign up with you, because they like you.  This is what MLSP attempts to teach you. How to provide value to people, so they being to know, like and trust you.

Why Should You Use MLSP?

That’s a great question! If you are a small business owner, MLSP could provide you with a lot of tools you would need in your business. What tools, exactly?
  • Your own WordPress based Web Site
  • A world class Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to help track your interactions with your customers.
  • A capture page/funnel system that will help you capture leads for your business, and funnel them to your CRM or your email auto-responder. (MLSP calls it the Funnelizer.)`
  • Storage for your custom videos that you can use on your web site or capture page.
  • And many, many more!


The WordPress option, which MLSP called ‘SITES’ isn’t a simple ‘here you go, enjoy’ product. They have gone out and purchased WordPress themes that you can use on your site. For example, one of the themes they offer would cost you up to $89 a year (or $249 one time) to purchase. This doesn’t take into account the various plug-ins they’ve paid for, which gives you the ability to use the paid version of some of your favorite plug-ins. Your site is hosted on their platform, which uses one of the cloud providers out there for access, so you know it’s going to be available. They also take care of the backups and upgrades for you. All you have to do is pick your theme, design it, and put your content on there. (Side note: If you get the annual plan from MLSP, via this link, I will personally set up your site for you, if you’d like.)


The Customer Relationship Manager, or CRM, has many of the features of other CRM’s. You can track everything about your customer such as phone number, email address, physical address and social media accounts. You can also set yourself reminders to call a certain contact at a certain time, so that you can follow up (and close that sale!) You can set up pre-written emails to send out to your contacts for certain events. For example, you want to email everyone who has been a customer for a year. A few clicks and you’re on your way to doing so.


The capture page/funnel has options as well. For example, you can create a capture page that sends the information to your CRM and your email auto-responder. You can set it up as the registration page for your upcoming webinar, and have their information sent to your webinar account, your CRM, and your auto-responder. You can send people to certain pages when they are finished, or simply have a ‘thank you’ pop up on the screen.
Let me give you an example of how a small business might use MLSP. Suppose you run a fence repair/install company. You want to show people how to check their fence to see if it needs repairs. This will help the customer because they will know what to look for, and it will help you because you might see a reduction in the number of scouting type calls you take each day. You might create a capture page that asks for their name and email address in exchange for a free report on checking their fence for damage. Once they fill in their information it is sent to your CRM and Auto-Responder, so you can send them more information about your services. They then are directed to a page that shows them the video of you showing them how to check a fence for damage, and the things to look for. In this example you provided value to someone, and you have their contact information. They were also added to your auto-responder, and are now getting information from you on a regular basis. In short, when they think fence repair, they are probably going to think of you.
Will MLSP make money for you? No. However, it will give you the tools you need in order to make money in your business, or if you wish, to successfully market the MLSP product to others.

It Is Not Your Sponsors Fault

Congratulations! You’ve just joined a new network marketing opportunity, and are ready to get started. When you signed up your sponsor or upline (herein, “sponsor”) told you that they would help you get your business going. They said they’d call you and answer questions, and even help you recruit people in to your leg.

Except you haven’t heard from your sponsor in 3 weeks. You are running out of time to get your fast start bonus, and it’s all your sponsors fault.

I have some bad news for you. You are responsible for your actions in your Opportunity. Your sponsor isn’t responsible for what you do, YOU are.

YOU are the one who has to learn.
YOU are the one who has to act.
YOU are the one who has to take action.

Unless you are filming a movie, nothing is handed to you on a silver platter. (Even then only if it’s in the script.)

If your sponsor gets you into an opportunity then never talks to you again, you can STILL be successful. If you need help, seek out someone who can help you – don’t wait by the phone for your sponsor to call.

It’s not your sponsors fault

It’s yours. I know that’s a hard pill to swallow, but that is the truth. Once you realize this you will be on your way to a successful home based business.

What exactly is Video Marketing? Is it Worth the Effort?

When asked, “What is video marketing?” my common response it, “it depends.” Since it truly boils down to what you are looking for to accomplish when you ask that query. Are you seeking to industry a video or use video as element of the marketing campaigns? Clearly these represent two distinctly various questions with two various answers.

What exactly is Video Marketing – Marketing with Video

People who are marketing with video are the ones that are attempting to promote a product or service and wish to incorporate a video or videos as part of a direct marketing campaign. Marketing with video might be as basic as adding a video to a company’s site.

Another common practice would be to use video on a splash page or squeeze page created to grab the interest of a possible prospect and compel them to provide up their make contact with data to learn more. Video has also proven effective in escalating response and click by way of rates when added to an e-mail follow series.

An excellent instance is when marketing with video is employed to explain to visitors particular elements of a product, when the individual comes directly to a firm website. Place that same video on YouTube and it’s not almost as beneficial, even though there’s nothing to cease the business posting the video in each places.

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Job Losses Are Coming

One day I went to Google News and did a search for “Job Losses” and “Job Cuts.” What I found was quite an eye-opener.

Tiffany & Co to cut jobs in 2016 (less than 800).
J&J to cut 3000 jobs in medical devices division.
Yahoo could lay off 10% of their workers, but some say it could go as high as 25%. This could be 1000, or up to 2500 workers. Maybe more, I didn’t do much research into the total number of employees they have.
BP to cut 4000 employees.
Walmart closing 269 stores that could impact up to 10000 people.
[See more further down in post.]

When I saw this I realized that for 18,000 individuals their world is about to change. There will no doubt be some people who have been at their respective jobs for 20+ years. It may be the only job they’ve ever had, or even one they’ve had for so long they’ve become complacent, and not taken the time to learn any new skills. Those individuals will now have nothing to fall back on and could be in for a very long road. Many of them will need a new job, and other ways to earn income. What are they going to do?

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Would You Rather – Lottery or Education?

Education - not the LotteryYou might recall the 1.6 BILLION dollar Powerball Lottery in January 2016. There were no doubt stories of people spending hundreds of dollars on a one time shot at an amount of money beyond their dreams. The odds were small, of course, 1 in 292 … Million. It wasn’t the proverbial 1 in a Million, it was a 1 in 292 Million. I’m sure you heard it over and over, you have a better chance if getting struck by lighting than you do winning the lotto.

This may sound odd coming from a high school drop out, but if you had to choose the lotto or education, you would be better off taking the education route. Let me show you why.

If you are working at a regular job, one that requires you to be available at a certain time every weekday (or weekend), then you are not going to get ahead in life. Your earnings potential will be limited by what your employer decides to pay you, not by what you feel you should be earning.

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