Job Losses Are Coming

One day I went to Google News and did a search for “Job Losses” and “Job Cuts.” What I found was quite an eye-opener.

Tiffany & Co to cut jobs in 2016 (less than 800).
J&J to cut 3000 jobs in medical devices division.
Yahoo could lay off 10% of their workers, but some say it could go as high as 25%. This could be 1000, or up to 2500 workers. Maybe more, I didn’t do much research into the total number of employees they have.
BP to cut 4000 employees.
Walmart closing 269 stores that could impact up to 10000 people.
[See more further down in post.]

When I saw this I realized that for 18,000 individuals their world is about to change. There will no doubt be some people who have been at their respective jobs for 20+ years. It may be the only job they’ve ever had, or even one they’ve had for so long they’ve become complacent, and not taken the time to learn any new skills. Those individuals will now have nothing to fall back on and could be in for a very long road. Many of them will need a new job, and other ways to earn income. What are they going to do?

They could go back to school to learn a new trade, programming language or other skill that they think will be in demand. Of course the problem there is not only would they not be making money during this time, they would also (probably) not have a job. That doesn’t bode well for the personal income statement, if you know what I mean.Job Losses Coming

Maybe a part time job is in order, something to ‘fill the gap’ if you will, until they find something more suitable. Of course if they are working part time, then they may not be able to fully dedicate themselves to finding a job. They may miss out on various networking events due to the job demands of the part time position. Yet another obstacle that they are going to face in their journey.

Some of them, though, may decide that the best thing for them is to go into business for themselves, and take control of their life. They want to be the ones who control their financial future and their time, not someone else worried about keeping their job, or making the quarterly budget. How are they going to get leads, and more importantly, customers to their brand new business?

Marketing! Market themselves so that people know they are out there providing a product or service. That’s easy right? Take out a few Google ads, maybe some on Bing, and throw in a few Twitter ads to boot. That should do it, right? The reality is there is a lot more to it than that. There is an entire world of marketing methods out there today that can help them, you or anyone else generate leads and then get sales to your business. Face it, if you have no leads, you have no potential sales. No sales = no money.

You may be asking yourself how does one learn to get leads from the Internet? How does one stand out among all of the voices out there saying, “Come buy my product!”? Allow me to introduce you to the system I used, and still do to this day, to learn the latest in lead generation methods. My Lead System Pro (MLSP) is an educational platform that has incredible training and tools for helping you get leads and run your business.

[Update: More job losses. Will add them here when I think about it.]
01/25/2016 – Sprint to cut 2500 jobs.
01/25/2016 – Schlumberger – 10000 jobs.
05/14/2016 – This tweet from Fox News was interesting:


Watch this video to learn more.


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