The State Of Your Finances

This post is a continuation of my look at Todd Falcone’s speech at the 2015 ANMP Convention.

How much do you have in retirement savings? According to AARP the average 50 year old has less that $50,000 in retirement savings. What if I told you the real unemployment rate is around 15.8%? According to a Gallup Poll when you take into account those who are grossly underemployed and involuntary part time workers the real rate goes up from the 5.6% reported by the US Department Of Labor. Did your retirement nest egg recently shrink? According to the Federal Reserve between 2007 and 2010 the nest egg of Americans approaching retirement age shrunk by nearly 33%.

Sounds bad. Couldn’t get any worse, right? Wrong.

In 2008 a staggering 35% of college graduates were underemployed. By June of 2013 a whopping 44% of graduates were underemployed. Don’t go thinking you need more education. In 2008 22% of people with PhD’s or professional degrees were underemployed. When you add in people with Master’s degrees the number rises to 59%.

Let’s say that you have a job that is paying you well. One thing to remember is that jobs don’t typically create wealth. They are great to have, but you will likely never get rich working for someone else, even IF you can find a job that pays well. According to statistics, the average U.S Wage in 2013 was $44,888 a year. That’s about $863 a week. (And if you don’t get paid for vacation, it’s even less than that!)

I’ll stop with the numbers for now. If there was ever a time to get into business for yourself, this is it! The opportunities that Network Marketing offers you is life changing. It’s a business where you can work hard and be rewarded for your efforts.

If you were to show these statistics to your prospects, then their opinion of Network Marketing may change, which could make it easier to sign them up to your opportunity, as well as help them realize their financial goals!

Why Network Marketing Right Now

A continuing look at the 2015 ANMP Convention

As I look over my noted from the recent ANMP Convention, I’m particularly drawn to the presentation given by Todd Falcone.

His presentation was based on a slide deck he’s prepared call “Why Network Marketing Right Now.” While there was a lot of material in the slides, I’d like to focus on a few things.

16.8 million. That’s a huge number! It’s the number of people that in 2013 were involved in Network Marketing. However that number is just 5 PERCENT of the US population. While it may seem like everyone you know is into network marketing, in fact only a small percentage of Americans are actually doing so. One thing to keep in mind is that many of these people may be simply into the Network Marketing field for discounts and a small amount of extra money each month. This leaves a lot of room for those want to go full time with their Network Marketing efforts.

What about Network Marketing around the world? According to the research done by Mr. Falcone, there are 96 million people involved in Network Marketing. While that may seem like a lot, keep in mind the World Population is around 7 billion. (Source: A quick Google search by Don.) That’s .013% of the world population that is involved with Network Marketing.

As you can see by the numbers above, there may be a lot of people who are working in the Network Marketing space. However it is important to note this is just a small percentage of the US and World population. This leaves a lot of room for growth in the market! By no means is this a closing market, just the opposite. There is a lot of room for growth. This is a great time to get involved with Network Marketing. If you are looking for a way to bring in extra income, or even make a complete career switch.

I’ll share more of Mr. Falcone’s presentation in a future blog post.

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The Coffee Shop Interview

TomAndDeniceDuring the 2015 ANMP Convention, I had a chance to listen to Tom and Denice Chenault speak on stage. If you don’t know Tom’s Story, take a look at this description of him recently posted on his bio page at the convention website.

“His life has been one big adventure. Tom has been a corporate airplane salesman, a stock broker, a public relations firm owner, a radio show host, and an ultra- successful network marketer. While Tom has made and lost a lot of money during his career(s), he has never lost his infectious sense of humor and his ability to rise to the top of his profession… and help others to do the same.”

Their speech was centered around “The Coffee Shop Interview” and what you should do when talking to a prospect. That last sentence already has an error in it, as you should do more listening that talking. Why?


Make your prospect the center of the universe. Just because you happen to be a successful Internet marketer, doesn’t mean the world revolves around you. One of the secrets to success is to ‘simply’ pay attention to others. In other words you want to work on understanding what the person is saying, rather than trying to be interesting. The idea is to make the conversation as much about them as possible. This is something that some people can’t do, and if you are able to master that skill, then you will be doing better than many of the marketers out there.

When talking to a prospect one thing to do is move the emphasis to what’s in it for them. Your prospect is smart enough to know that you are going to benefit from any potential transaction. If you focus on what’s in it for you, the prospect may conclude that you are only in it for you, and not them. Remember, the Network Marketing industry is one that can be used to spread joy and financial happiness to everyone. If you spend the entire time talking about yourself though, then your prospect may be turned off to you.

Imagine that your prospect has had a very bad day prior to meeting you at an evening meeting. Maybe they’ve learned their job is going to be phased out, or that they’ve had an unexpected life event come up that is going to cost them a lot of money. Does your prospect really want to hear about how much money you’ve made? Probably not. What they want to hear is the joy and happiness that Network Marketing can bring to their lives. Make a vow to yourself, right now, that in every interaction you have with a prospect you leave them feeling better than they did when the meeting started. The more that we contribute to others, the more we will contribute to ourselves.

Network Marketing is a team sport, and you need to be able to recruit team members in order to succeed. Meeting with a prospect and making the conversation all about you isn’t going to win you many team members. You must be able to connect with them, and show them they are important, and that you will be there to help them every step of the way.

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Walls Closing In?

I recently went to the ANMP convention in Dallas, Texas and enjoyed the opportunity to hear a number of impressive speakers from the world of Multi-level Marketing. One of the speakers was Sarah Robbins. If you do not have knowledge of Sarah’s history, I am going to let you know just a little about it. She is a educator by trade and taught kindergarten. However due to the economic climate she was dealing with the loss of her occupation. More upsetting, her hubby was also at the mercy of the economy, and his landscaping/construction business was having difficulties.

She started freelancing part-time for a natural skin care business, when the company concluded they planned to go the Network Marketing route. She admits that she was skeptical in the beginning, but yet she was shortly surprisingly able to retire from teaching and also retire her husband from his occupation. By age 29 she was generating a six figure month-to-month income.

During her presentation she laid out a couple of things to do if you happen to think that the walls are caving in. With regards to Multilevel Marketing, there may be a great deal of those occasions. The following were her recommendations:

1) Discover your purpose – You might have before now done this whenever you first started your Network Marketing opportunity, and that is impressive. Nonetheless it could be of great benefit to re-examine that intention and make positive it truly is something you will still have confidence in.

2) Possess a detailed plan – But simply because your actual objective is determined is not going to necessarily suggest it is going to magically take place. You should make sure you possess a strategy in place to reach your goals. Even if you already have a strategy, perhaps it is time to re-evaluate it.

3) Personal Growth – Education and Training! Finding out all that you can relating to the Network Marketing space is a must to your success. In the event that the walls feel like they really are closing in on you, then you may might need a bit more instruction to help you escape through your present struggle.

4) Perseverance – To quote Jim Valvano, “Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.” Irrespective of whatever a number of people may possibly say, Multi-level Marketing is not a get wealthy instantaneous experience. It takes working hard and determination. Remind your self that you have to always keep going forward no matter what goes on.

5) Personal Activity – If you are talking to no body, then you are not going to have leads. Irregardless the method that you correspond with them, it is vital that you do so. Think of your leads as customers at a diner, and you as the waiter/waitress. You decide to ask each one of them if they want espresso and they say no. Is that the only time you ask them? Not likely. If you ask them before the meal, subsequently check with them after the meal. Prospects are the exact same way, if they say initially, then question them yet again. These people can easily say yes, or otherwise ask for more details concerning your marketing opportunity.

What do you do when ever the walls are caving in on you ? Exactly how deal with the struggles ?

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