Welcome to DonTeague.com

As a life long computer geek I've been online with donteague.com for over 21 years. In that time my website has been used for many things, none of which were really memorable.

Starting with my first Network Marketing program through my current businesses as a Forex Trader, Christmas light programmer and website designer, I've had an interest in how to market these businesses. What I've learned is that all of this starts with Marketing You. In essence, you have to learn how to market yourself so that people come to know, like and trust you. Besides, who are you going to buy from? The person selling speakers out of the back of their car, or someone you know is a reputable source of tools and information? Of course you're going with someone you know.

What you will find here

The current version of donteague.com focuses on the following

  1. Landing/Introduction to Don.
  2. Blog posts over various topics regarding lead generation, and other marketing tips
  3. Information on Products and Services that I feel are beneficial to various industries and entrepreneurs.
  4. Portal to other businesses owned and operated by myself.


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