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This article will show you how to follow a Facebook post without having to type anything into the thread. There are many benefits to the this, with the most important being not cluttering the thread with “Following.”

A standard Facebook Post

This is an example of a regular Facebook post. The contents of which are not important. However, in this case it’s something that many people wanted to be kept up to date on. People being people simply starting typing the word “following” or a single “.” to indicate the fact they wanted to be notified by Facebook when someone posts to the thread.

Not Helpful

It actually doesn’t help anyone when people do this. Think about it for a moment. If you are one of the first few people who want to follow a post and you simply type “Following” in the thread, what happens if 40+ people do the same? I would hope it’s pretty obvious that anyone looking through the thread is going to see 40+ “following” posts in between any actual updates. Worse YOU are going to get many useless notices that someone has commented on thread, which won’t help you.

There is a better way.

The Menu

See that green circle? That’s known as a chevron, and will reveal a menu.

The Menu has appeared

As you can see, when you want to follow a Facebook post, you simply have to click the “Turn on Notifications for this post” option by clicking said option. It will instantly turn on notifications for you, and let you know when someone comments in the post.

Following a Facebook Post Made Easy

This is a quick and easy way to follow a thread. You will be helping other people who want to follow the post by not triggering false notifications to them. It will also make it much easier for those going back into the thread to find information needed.

Please consider sharing this post with others who may not know how to follow a post silently. It will make the social media experience more pleasant for everyone involved.

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