Would You Rather – Lottery or Education?

Education - not the LotteryYou might recall the 1.6 BILLION dollar Powerball Lottery in January 2016. There were no doubt stories of people spending hundreds of dollars on a one time shot at an amount of money beyond their dreams. The odds were small, of course, 1 in 292 … Million. It wasn’t the proverbial 1 in a Million, it was a 1 in 292 Million. I’m sure you heard it over and over, you have a better chance if getting struck by lighting than you do winning the lotto.

This may sound odd coming from a high school drop out, but if you had to choose the lotto or education, you would be better off taking the education route. Let me show you why.

If you are working at a regular job, one that requires you to be available at a certain time every weekday (or weekend), then you are not going to get ahead in life. Your earnings potential will be limited by what your employer decides to pay you, not by what you feel you should be earning.

The only way to resolve this problem is to go into business for yourself. This does bring up another question. How are you going to market yourself? How are you going to get the word out about your business and let others know about what it is you do? Sure, you could purchase advertisements on TV, the radio or even purchase billboards.  The problem with these methods is they are expensive, and will usually target a very broad audience. What’s worse is that your business may not fit into one of the categories that traditional marketing outlets may have.

Here is where the education part of the problem comes into play. There are many ways to market yourself and your business online. For example, did you know that it is possible to advertise to Men, 25-34, Living in Your State, who are interested in your particular service on Facebook? Do you know how to use video marketing to drive traffic and engagement to your content? Do you know the one thing you need to do with your web site in order to help drive traffic to it?

All of these things are important, but I’ve only touched the tip of iceberg! Do you know how to market your business on Twitter? Instagram? What about SEO, Content Marketing or Keyword Research? Maybe you want to know about YouTube video marketing, or banner advertising. By now you can see there are many ways that you can advertise yourself online. Education is the key to securing your financial future.

All of these and more are available at My Lead System Pro (MLSP). MLSP is an educational platform that has information about these marketing techniques and more. It also has a one click web site set up, that lets you have your own WordPress site, with a lot of premium extra’s built right in. You also get a Customer Relationship Manager that you can use to keep track of your customers, when you last talked to them, things to do for them, etc. (Yes, there is training on that as well.)

Lottery or Education?

Would you rather – Play the lottery, or spend a few bucks on a test drive of a system that has much better odds at a return on investment? Since I know you are a smart person, and want to improve your long term financial standing in life, I know you are choosing the test drive option. Follow the link below and sign up for a 10 day $10 test drive of MLSP. Take 10 days and see everything that it has to offer you. Learn what it is you don’t know, and then go learn it!

You can’t go through life expecting to win the powerball lottery to cure that which ails you.

MLSP 10 Day Test Drive

If you join my team at MLSP you are going to get quite a few extra’s. See Don’s Training Page to learn what I offer you.

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