MLSP Is A Scam?

I saw this post the other day on Facebook.

Then I got to reading the comments (shown in the image at the end of this post.)

My favorite was this comment.

I paid $95 a month for 14 months, the only thing i learned is how to set up a blog..

Let’s look at a few things that are wrong with this comment, shall we?

First on the list, price. The person who made this comment is/was from Canada. Unless exchange rates were really bad at one point, he didn’t pay $95 a month. The price for MLSP is either $149.97 USD or $49.97 USD a month. At today’s exchange rates that $95 CAD would convert to $73.34 USD.

Secondly, he spent 14 months with MLSP and only learned how to set up a blog? Did he miss the fact that MLSP has a CRM that can help him keep track of his customers/clients? Did he miss the fact that MLSP has a system that lets you create a sales funnel that let’s you (legally) collect names and email addresses for your list? Did he miss the fact that MLSP integrates with AWevver and GetResponse, letting you send those people to your list?

Folks, if you get involved with MLSP, which you can do here then know that there is an entire tool set you can use for YOUR business. Being successful in MLSP doesn’t mean that you recruit the most people into MLSP, it means you use the tools provided to grow your business and YOUR BRAND.

Remember, YOU are the brand. Not your network marketing opportunity, business or anything else. It’s YOU that are the brand, and it’s YOU that you need to promote.

MLSP simply gives you the tools needed to do so, and helps show you various ways that you could do so.


Learn more about MLSP here!

The 2 Year Layoff Notice

Saw this headline in the paper today.

$18B NextEra acquisition of Oncor sparks questions for ratepayers

There was one part of the article that I found very interesting.

The Oncor name, its Dallas headquarters and the company’s management will not change under the terms of the agreement, a NextEra spokesman told the Dallas Business Journal. No employees will be laid off for at least two years after the transaction closes, the company said.

Have you ever gotten notice that you were being laid off? Have you ever gotten notice 2 YEARS in advance that you might be losing your job?

While it may seem like a dire situation for some, it’s actually a great thing they have this much time to prepare. They have two years to get their next path in life determined, and start down that path. If it were me, I would be working feverishly to build up my marketing education so that I could start my own business and have money coming in right away.

In fact, that’s what I did when I found myself without a job. I’d already decided I wanted my own business, but I didn’t know how to go about it. I also didn’t have two years notice to figure it out, either. Fortunately, I’d already been a member of a system that had the education I needed to know. Only now, I was more motivated than ever to learn what I needed to know to build my business using the Internet.

I know it sounds like marketing speak, but I really am one of those who work from where ever I want, and work when I want. (Side note: I was actually at a Starbucks when I wrote this article.)

How did I do this? Where did I learn this valuable information? I learned it from My Lead System Pro. It gives you the education you need to learn how to attract people to you and your business, and the tools needed to run your business. Follow the link to learn more about the system and take a test drive.

If you don’t think it’s possible, let me tell you otherwise. It is possible to do this. It’s done every day by people of all ages, races and nationalities. It’s done by people who were tired of making someone else rich by working in a ‘good’ job. It’s done by people who want to spend more time at home with their kids and grand kids. You control your life, not someone else.

Yes, There Are Scammers Out There

Was sitting at a Starbucks and had a conversation with someone on Facebook.

I had to shoot this video. Enjoy.

Why Attend Live Events

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Brian Tracy is reported to have said, “People who attend live events earn 400% more than those who don’t.”

live events change lives

Your first thought might be that in order to be successful in a home based business, you have to be in a Network Marketing business and that you have to attend your companies convention, meet other people, listen to some speakers and *poof!* you’ll be 400% richer. That’s not exactly how it works.

See there are other events in the industry that are worth attending, and I would argue are more worthwhile than your company event. Why is that? Allow me to explain.

In August of 2015 I was fortunate enough to attend an event in Austin, Texas, with 400+ of my closest entrepreneurs. While I did listen to some amazing speakers, took pictures with some of the network marketing industry rock stars, and even played personal photographer for Mike Dillard for a while, it was the relationships with other people out there making it on their own terms that were most beneficial.

How then does meeting people who are in the home based business help you? The answer is simple, and goes back to something that we may have forgotten about in the Internet age. It’s the relationships that you form with people that helps you in the long term. You learn about people differently in person that you do on-line. You understand more about them, what their goals are, what their struggles are, what their strong points are, and most importantly, how you can help each other.

I met some amazing people last year. I’m looking forward to meeting them again, along with several new faces. I’ll meet them, talk to them, learn about them, and see how we can help each other in our home based business adventure.

If you have any sort of home based business then you need to attend a live event. You will form lasting relationships that will help you in your business for years to come. It’s impossible to put a dollar amount on a live event. The return on your investment will be measured not only in money, but in the relationships you form with other entrepreneurs.

Join me in Austin, Texas, August 13-14, for Live The Dream 7. Get your tickets now.

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