Why You Should Get Started In Attraction Marketing

Why Attraction MarketingAnyone with a job can relate to getting a paycheck. Every time you look at the paycheck you silently think to yourself, “I’m worth more than that.” Indeed you are. In fact most people would argue they are not making near what their time, experience and ability is worth. Consider that job losses, layoffs and more are possible, one begins to ponder the idea of working for themselves.

When you get into the world of attraction marketing you are, in fact, working for yourself. You are the one who controls your future and you alone will dictate what your value is worth. However, with attraction marketing you have to attract people to you in order for them to buy your goods or services. If you do not attract people to you, then no one will know who you are and thus people won’t be purchasing items from you.

You now see that attraction marketing could let you work for yourself, but you also see that to get started, you need to find a way to attract people to you. I’m going to share with you my tips for getting started in the world of attraction marketing.

Provide Value

Think about the grocery store you go to, where you buy your clothes or even the cars you buy. In each of these cases you are purchasing these items from an entity that provides you with value. This is a key point in attraction marketing. You have to give value to people in order for them to be attracted to you. How you give out that value, though, is sometimes difficult to figure out.

Giving It Away

Yes, there are times where you simply want to give away something of value. For example, this blog post could be considered giving away something of value. While reading the article you are getting tips on how to get started in attraction marketing, and have not had to pay anything to me to read it. Thus, I’m giving it away. There are many things you can ‘give away’ that are valuable.

  • Marketing Instructional Videos
  • Blog Posts
  • Posting helpful information to social media

There are more, of course, but these are some ideas to get you started.

Funded Proposal

A funded proposal is a marketing plan where advertise an inexpensive item to your target market for the purposes of money.  You could lead with a free product, such as a video training session or a blog post. When your visitor sees that you have something of value, they are more likely to buy something from you. If you give excellent value and the products that you are advertising for sale are valuable as well, then you could make a small chunk of change by simply marketing these items.

What I Recommend

Since 2015 I’ve been a member of My Lead System Pro or MLSP. In the time that I’ve been with MLSP I’ve learned many valuable ways to market myself and my businesses. For someone starting out in attraction marketing they offer many benefits. Just some of the items they offer are:

  • A professional blogging platform based on WordPress
  • A professional Customer Relationship Manager
  • The Funnelizer – Allows you to create custom sales funnels and offers.
  • Commissions on products that people buy as a result of your referral.
  • “Pure Profit” products that give you 100% (minus small processing fee) of the profit when you sell.
  • Much, Much more!

Get started with attraction marketing by watching this video from My Lead System Pro. Once you watch the video take a risk free 30 day trial of the service. If you don’t like it, they will refund your money! It’s that simple. You have everything to gain by taking advantage of this offer.

Questions? Please reach out to me with questions! You can find my contact information here on the website.

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