Video Marketing – Top Tips to Get More Views for Your Videos

We all know that by posting on blogs or websites like twitter or Facebook, we can get some recognition and get some traffic. How then do you get more video views for your videos? Well, you need to do some basic video marketing.

Some people are just more camera shy than other, how can you get around that? And if you don’t have the makeup and all that, then what? Well there are a few things you can try. First off, don’t worry about looking like a pro, the camera shy person can learn to use the camera. Just focus on getting your message across.

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But, the real trick is to get your video out there. YouTube is an easy, free and popular video sharing website. Just upload your video to YouTube and then tell people to share it through their social media links. The more shares your video get, the more likely people are to watch it. They will also be more likely to share it with their friends, who will tell their friends, and on and on. The video just has to be interesting enough to get people to watch it. And don’t worry about your delivery. People will watch a low quality delivery video as long as it’s interesting.

So with those tips in mind. Go get your camera. You can certainly post a video on your business Facebook page, but it would be better to get one of those low quality videos to spread across the different social media sites. The more you have out there the more likely someone will come across it and click on your link to your offer or service.

With video, you can reach customers who would have otherwise overlooked your product or service.

I hope that you will use video marketing in your business. Remember that video quality is not as important as that your video gets played. Remember to keep it interesting, have some great content and have your links well placed.

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