Tap into Facebook’s wealth of user information

mlp-testimonialIf you are in marketing, or if you’ve ever had a contact form on the Internet, you know what happens. A person wanting information will give you a fake name, a throw away email address, and whatever fake information they need to in order to fill out the form and get your ‘free’ product. Of course you aren’t giving that product away for free out of the kindness of your heart, are you? No, you’re giving that product away so that you can get their name, email, phone number (and possibly more) so that you can contact them to sell them on you or your services.

The depths of Facebook’s wealth

What if you could go to Facebook’s headquarters and ask them to show your advertisement to women 25-34, who have over $100,000 net worth and are in to Yoga? What if you could then ask them to give you the real name, real phone number and real email address of everyone who expressed an interest in your advertisement? Considering that you are marketer for a high-end yoga product, that information would go a long way towards helping you get the word out about your product.

If you thought this was a fantasy and it would never happen, I have earth shattering news. It is now possible to do this very thing. You can now put your advertisement in front of the audience that you choose, and request their information. The best part? Their real information, as supplied to Facebook, is pre-filled out for you. The only thing they have to do is click a few buttons, and their information is submitted to you. They get the information you requested, and you have a solid lead with which to follow-up on.

Jesse Jameson has done a lot of advertising on Facebook for various companies. He is an expert at how Facebook ads work, and how best to utilize them best for you and your business. Jesse has put together a course, Mobile Leads Pro to show you how to reach people via mobile ads on Facebook. The information he teaches in this course could help you get fresh leads for your business each day. It’s valuable information that you just have to see.

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In this 5 part video course, Jesse will show you:

  • Facebook Ads 101
  • The Facebook Power Editor
  • Facebook Form Creation Tool
  • Ad Optimization
  • Accessing and Managing Your Leads


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