Prove It’s Your Content with WordProof

Imagine spending hours writing a blog post only to have it show up on your competitors website in a matter of days. With WordProof can timestamp your content, and write it to the blockchain so that it has irrefutable proof that you wrote it.

Introducing WordProof

Content theft is a major problem when it comes to search engine optimization.¬†Imagine for a moment that the content you spent hours writing appears on someone else’s site in a matter of days? You’re the one who wrote it, you’re the one who spent hours, writing it. Why should someone else get the credit?

Google and the other search engines will penalize you if your content is copying someone else’s content. But what if you were the one who wrote it? And what it’s the other site that’s copying you? How do you prove it?

With WordProof you have the ability to generate a timestamp on your content, and have that timestamp recorded in a Blockchain. Now you may have heard of Blockchain before and think of that’s just a Bitcoin thing. But guess what? Blockchain and Bitcoin are two different things. You see Blockchain is a technology that allows you to write things down in a ledger, and it cannot be modified. In fact if you try to modify it it will corrupt the rest of the entire database from that point forward.. Everyone’s going to know that something happened, and this data is no longer valid. Due to the distributed nature of blockchain it’s impossible for someone to make a change in the blockchain once it’s been confirmed.

This is where WordProof comes in. You see they generate the timestamp for your content and they write it into the blockchain for you. Once you purchase your plan you follow the instructions on their website and you generate the timestamps. It does it all for you and all you have to do is push a couple of buttons. Evolve in find links on your website to the timestamp certificate that proves you wrote this version of this content on this date at this time in this year. Now if someone were to try and copy you you can prove, no I wrote this first.

The good news about this is search engines in the future are going to be looking for this type of data when they scan your site. So you will soon be able to write a piece of content generate the timestamp have that entered into the blockchain and now when a search engine browses your site, they see that you wrote it on this day and time. If you’re content shows up on another website three days later or one month later, guess what? They’re going to know. That site is going to be penalized not yours.

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