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There are hoards of Internet and Online Marketers who have been able to take advantage of using network marketing videos marketing. The kind of bull’s-eye traffic you can create with a properly executed network marketing videos marketing ad campaign can be amazing.

But let’s face it, network marketing videos marketing is a bit of a tough sell. Not many people have been able to pull it off. But now all that has changed. We have two powerful Network Marketing tools that will allow you to effectively use video marketing.


The first is the power of YouTube. YouTube is a very powerful network marketing videos marketing platform. A lot of people don’t realize how powerful it is. They think it is just a videos website. It’s actually much more.

YouTube has a user friendly interface and allows you to submit your videos for ranking, you can customize the front page. What it basically allows you to do is build your own channel.

When you go to the channel page you can add videos and change the header. You can also customize the design. It allows you to add friends and like videos. It allows you to customize your profile information and customize the look of your channel.


The second powerful tool you have to use in network marketing videos marketing is Camtasia. Camtasia is a screen capture software. I won’t go into too much detail about it here, but basically it is a very powerful screen capture software. It allows you to record your computer screen. With this you can produce videos that include training, tutorials, videos for business, videos for fun, and it also has a podcast feature. With this software you can also make audio recordings and do screen capture videos.

Videos make for great marketing tools. Great video editing software helps too!

In both of these tools you can capture your computer screen. You can turn on sound, you can activate the microphone, you can record a portion of your computer screen, record an entire screen and capture sound, and you can also create powerpoint slides.

Both of these tools are really powerful. If you go to YouTube and type in network marketing videos marketing and sign up for a plan, then you can get access to both of these tools. Camtasia is not expensive and you can get 20 sessions for a one month subscription to Camtasia. Camtasia is free as a trial.

You can just go to Camtasia, download the software, do your first recording and then go and buy the full version of the software. Once you have the software you can use this to create recordings of your computer screen. When you go to Camtasia you can do that free of charge. You can also create your own slides and record your computer screen using those slides. You can then go to Camtasia and purchase additional powerpoint slides and additional recordings of your computer screen. You can then distribute that all over the internet using Camtasia. It is really quite powerful and you can use it to capture videos of your computer screen, your podcasts, your training, your screencasts, your screen recordings, your screen recordings and recordings of your computer screen, and your slides. It is quite a versatile software tool.

In terms of sharing these videos, obviously YouTube is a great place to do that. Obviously you can use YouTube to host these recordings. You can also use other video sharing sites like Vimeo. You can also submit these recordings to your website or your blog, to video sharing sites.

You can then link back to this video from various other places. You can use this video to further promote your website, your blog, your product, your training, your podcasts, your screencasts, your training, your podcasts, your screencasts, your screencasting your podcasts and your screencast and your slides.

Now let’s look at the different types of videos that you can create using Camtasia. So first of all we have the introduction. This is the video that you are watching as you read this article. What this video is going to be doing is it is going to introduce you to the software that you are about to download. It is going to be explaining what it is all about. It is going to be giving you some instructions on how to get started and then it is going to be over with. That’s the basic introduction video.

Now if you were to go to Camtasia and if you want to create another video in your online business, you can do that. You can create a second video that is going to be more detailed on something that the first video was not. You can create a third video. You can do anything that you can do with the free version of Camtasia. So as you can see, it is very versatile. You can create videos with Camtasia that are going to be very brief, or you can create very lengthy videos. It’s completely up to you.

I would recommend that you stick to two or three minutes videos. That’s really all that you need to create a good video. Once you get that one created, you can expand your length to whatever length you want to go. You don’t need to follow any rules. Just follow your own preferences and your own style.

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