Stable MLM Opportunities in Canada

Try to find a great MLM company in Canada?

Virtually every mlm direct marketing company operating in the United States also serves customers and entrepreneurs in Canada. If you have your heart set on a great network marketing company, simply visit the corporate site (even if US-based) and check if they offer Canadian distributorships or not.

Still researching to find a great company? Then you’ll have your work cut out for you.

Similar to the Direct Marketing Association here in the US, here are a couple of sites to Canadian government run resources. You can also check on the company’s history and reputation in the market place.

MLM Companies in Canada – The CMA Org

Want a clear snapshot of the direct selling industry in Canada? Then you might be interested in the Marketing Facts 2011 report put together by the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) by reviewing over 38 other industry sources.

The direct marketing industry includes network marketing. This report offers a keen insight into the trends affecting both. Also direct sales numbers and market penetration by industry. The Canadian direct selling market is ripe with opportunity. This report reveals these opportunities and positions within the market place that may give you an advantage. The downside is this resource will cost you $250 to $625 depending if you are a CMA member in good standing or not.

Canadian Companies – Home Party Opportunites

A private-sector site, you can find a number of MLM Canada home party plan opportunities on They also offer advertising opportunities.

Think Avon for skincare and jewelry, Mary Kay for skin care and cosmetics, and Heritage Makers for scrapebooking kits, tools and supplies. These MLM Canada companies represent the best know “home party plan” names within the industry. There are dozens more.

MLM Companies in Canada – the DSA

The Canadian Direct Sellers Association (DSA) offers the most comprehensive directory of MLM Canada companies available. After hours of searching, the DSA directory was a great fine. You’ll enjoy it.

The DSA’s web site brings incredible value to table and enhances the industry. The site is very well laid out and organized. You can find news, update statistics about the industry and other keen insights designed to help you make more money. And best of all? The information is absolutely 100% free.

Canadian MLM – Building an Empire Easy

So now you have selected a great MLM Canada opportunity. Now what?

And you do need a plan if you are serious about making a profit with your new business. In particular, you need a marketing plan. Marketing is the means to the end. Plain and simple. Master marketing.

You can make a significant six-figure, multiple six-figure and even 7-figure income in mlm if you do it right. Just check out the top leader boards of any company for proof. Yet the majority of people who sign up hardly ever make any more than a hundred dollars per month. Why? What is the difference? The key profit component is marketing.

Ideally you will want to put together a complete marketing plan. But first, start by approaching your warm market. Your warm market (or circle of influence) consists of the people you know on a first name basis… or those you have done business with… or those who know of you by reputation. So approach your warm market but, at the same time, don’t ignore the reality there will come a time when you must move beyond your warm market.

How do you intend to get your opportunity in front of new people on a consistent basis over an extended period of time?

Arguably the most powerful way to take your new business to the next level is embrace the concept of attraction marketing in combination with direct response. By leading with incredible value, attraction marketing works well because it literally “attracts” new prospect, potential customers and team builders into doing business with you.

Ready to start creating wealth on the fast track? Here is the system we recommend to help you get started promoting your new MLM Canada opportunity today.

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