Can You Truly Make Serious Coin with Project Payday?

This is how Project Payday works in a nutshell.

So here is how it goes. You log on and join get a free bottle of the latest snake oil. This snake oil normally costs $100 a bottle, but all you have to pay is a postage and packing charge of 5 dollars. All you have got to do is send me your invoice and I’ll send you a check for perhaps $25, which covers your time and effort, which should also include the time you will take to cancel the automatic monthly cargo of your snake oil, if you don’t then, you will be billed for it.

Sounds cool does it not? You only need to pay five greenbacks and receive a check for $25, which is an automatic $20 profit for five minutes work. The associate that referred you probably receives a bigger check than you do. Whatever, everyone is just as happy as a lark, no-one loses right? Someone does lose and that is the company.

Is Project Payday Ethical?

Project Payday is an internet course engineered to teach you how to make a percentage promoting varied CPA or “cost per action” offers using a highly questionable incentivized approach like the deal just suggested.

Not familiar with CPA offers?

These are usually free or terribly low cost trial offers designed to get a company’s product, service or business ventures into the hand of a new customer in the hope of gaining extra a sales later .

You have likely seen them those flashing banners all over the Net that say get an iPod for free just pay postage and packing, or get a free portable computer just by completing our survey. These are known in the business as incentivized freebie websites, and they’re modeled on the same idea as Project Payday is.

That’s not to say you won’t receive your free iPod after filling in a survey or checking boxes next to other associate offers that you’re probably not particularly interested in anyhow, but believe me there truly is a gigantic catch.

This is simply a method for the company to capture your personal information, and you may find that your acne remedy cream is being delivered each month and being billed to your credit card before you realize it we all know there is no such thing as free.

Of course there could be individuals that are really inquisitive about a certain product and naturally that’s a different situation maybe they really do need a once per month supply of acne cream!

But this is an affiliate marketing scheme which essentially bribes you into completing an offer and then tells you can cancel it straight afterwards the company whose product it is, is getting cheated.

The referring affiliate and you both earn cash you are both happyso what’s bad with that? What is wrong is that the company is losing money because they’re paying commissions to what amounts to fake shoppers who never had a genuine interest in their service. So is project payday moral, we’ll leave you to choose that for yourself. I guess it depends entirely on your private morals and ethics and basically comes down to what you believe is right and what’s wrong.

Incredibly, there are folks out there who do make 6 figure incomes only working part time promoting these incentivized CPA offers. The difference being the way they promote those offers, with their marketing talents they can attract people that are truly interested in a product. This model works extremely well when it is done in a moral fashion by mixing both the science and art of promoting and without cheating anybody.

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