Best of the Best MLM Network Marketing Lead Tips

What qualities make for a good mlm network marketing lead? And once you have this great lead in hand, what is the best way to approach them? Send them directly to your opportunity or build rapport first?

Both of these are good questions and understanding the difference between a good mlm lead and a bad lead is the first step towards putting your business on the fast track to success. The second step, of course, is to become proficient at knowing what to say and how to say it to produce the best results.

MLM Network Marketing Leads Are Not Created Equal

There are basically four general types of mlm leads.

You can connect with people you know, you can connect with people you don’t know (cold calling and old-style prospecting), you can buy leads or you can generation your own using both paid or free (attraction marketing) methods. When it comes to mlm network marketing lead generation you have a number of options.

Who do you send holiday cards to? If you were having a wedding or another special occasion, who would you invite?

This is your warm market list. So compile their contact information and make it a point to connect by phone, email or even write a personal note. Ask questions and catch up. What’s going on in their lives right now? Do you, potentially, have a solution to their problems? If so, guide them to your presentation or ask them to try your products. But let go of the outcome. They may join or may not join. It doesn’t matter. Your job is simply to present the opportunity.

But the question begs: What happens when you run out of people to contact who know, like and trust you?

Local Network Marketing Leads

Perhaps the easiest thing to do is to contact a mlm network marketing lead generation company and purchase a few leads online. Business opportunity seeker leads are a dime a dozen. Or they can cost as much as $12 or more per lead. It depends entirely on age, quality and qualification standards.

Keep in mind there is a significant cost incurred to generate a live business opportunity lead. So lead list providers must resell the leads a number of times to cover cost and pocket a profit and it is not unusual for an “aged” lead to have been resold dozens, even hundreds of times.. So keep that in mind. Because regardless of how much you pay or how little you pay – you will not be the only person contacting that lead.

You can also jump into the lead generation game and produce your own fresh mlm network marketing lead lists. First you will want to have a highly converting “capture page” or “splash page”. This page is designed to collect the prospect’s contact information. Once set up, the next step is to starting driving massive amounts of traffic to this page and beginning collecting the contact information of those expressing an interest. You can even outsource advertising services to generate traffic for you. Pull it off and you’ll have a steady supply of fresh, highly qualified leads. The downside is the cost, obviously. So your skill at comverting leads to customers and new team members will become critical.

MLM Network Marketing Lead Generation – Profits Made Easy

Consider how much easier and less expensive it would be if you could promote your business in such a way as to be found by people looking for more versus you having to spend your time and hard earned money chasing them down. Enter the wonderful world of attraction marketing.

Think about this. Would you rather connect with someone just thinking about starting a business or someone already committed to growing a business? Attract someone who is actively looking to do more… and someone who has already invested in themselves… and you have attracted a potential star. The goal is to make a trade. They have a problem. You offer free advice, then make it known you have even more valuable information available if they simply ask for it by leaving you their name, email and other contact information. It’s win-win.

Then keep offering value. Constantly. Consistently. And when the timing is right for your new potential business partner they seek you out to find out what else you have to offer. It’s magic.

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