13 Mind Hacks For A Successful Business

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I was recently listening to a daily wake up call and the presenter was listing her 13 mind hacks for a successful business. It was a great call, and even greater to hear how the presenter had used these mind hacks to help grow her business. See, she and her husband had to sell their home because they simply ran out of money. After learning some new marketing ideas, and implementing these hacks, her and her husband are well on their way to a successful future. If it’s working for them, shouldn’t you try them?13 Mind Hacks For A Successful Business

Here now are the 13 Mind Hacks For A Successful Business

Show up

Show up to events. Show up to conference calls. Stay plugged into your community. Just staying connected to your community will help you in your quest to become a leader in your field.

Be authentic

Do not try to be the next Tony Robbins. Figure out who you want to be, and how you want to serve. The market doesn’t need another Tony Robbins, or Dianne Hochman. It needs people who are authentic in what they do and how they do it.

Immerse yourself with Mind Food

In other words, be around content, events and people who want the same mind set as you. If you are thinking that you can do it without them, or you want to miss a phone call, then you are isolating yourself. This will only slow down or stall out your efforts to be successful.

Stop saying, “I have to do XYZ,” and start saying, “I choose to do XYZ because.”

When you sit down and write a to-do list, and you have to have them done in order to feel successful, then you are setting yourself up for failure. No to-do list can account for all of the problems that may come up. Saying you “have” to do something and not being able to get to them, will set yourself for failure.

Have non-negotiable items in your day

These are things you are going to move yourself forward in your day. This could be as simple as reading a particular author, or column. It could be reading daily affirmations, or attending one specific call each day. It should be something that is going to help re-enforce the things you need to do to move forward in life and your business.

Write in a journal.

There are people who report that when they started writing these things down each day, they were able to remember new ideas, and other things of this nature down. It gives them a place to record things they want to expand upon, and then give more thought to it.

Have a list you write out every day

It could be your goals, or your affirmations. But write them down each day, as that repetition will help to enforce the though in your mind.

Mix it up

Change up your routine. Not will it show you what may work better, and but it could show you when things could work worse. Changing won’t cause permanent damage. For example, you may find that moving your morning writing to the afternoon is better for you. Unless you try it you won’t know if it really will be helpful.

Be flexible

When things don’t go as planned, learn to accept that. Maybe you wanted to work on something late one night, but have to work late. That’s okay. It’s not going to be end of the world. There are things you can’t control, and you need to be able to accept that things don’t always go as planned.

Give thanks, every day

A lot of people take a lot of things for granted. Be thankful for you what you have. Even it’s as simple as waking up with a roof over your head, two legs to walk on, or food on the table, that’s more than a lot of people have in this world. If you are not religious, I’m not telling you that you have to suddenly become a church goer. However, you should at least be mindful that you are better off than a lot of people, and you should at least be thankful of that.

Joy is a choice

You decide when you get up in the morning if you are going to be joyful or not. Have you ever called up someone and you know your going to dread it because they are going to go on and on about what is wrong in their life? Sure, there might be a time and place for that, but every day? Every time you call them? That’s not a joyful person. It’s not someone you want to call, and you know you are going to dread it.

Remember this. Decide to be joyful.

Choose abundance now

Abundance is not a result of having $225,000 in the bank. It’s a result of being satisfied with where you are in life now.

Be humble

This one is important. Being humble has so many advantages that I can’t list them all. What constitutes as humble?

How to have a humble heart” by Joyce Meyer gives examples of a humble heart. Read the full article to get them all, but a sampling of them are:

  • The humble can always ask for help, and they don’t insist on everything being done their way.
  • A humble person sees their own weaknesses and can readily admit them. When we open up to others about ourselves, it can actually encourage and help them realize they’re not the only ones who deal with things.
  • A leader who is truly humble treats everyone with respect. How a leader treats people is the quickest way to find out their level of humility.

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