Don Teague Technical Services

DonTeague-TechnicalConfused by technology? Want to focus on the marketing, and not the technical aspect?

Let me help.

I got my first computer way back in the Reagan administration. I was online in the early 90’s. I’ve been around this stuff my entire life and thoroughly enjoy it. Now I’d like to use my talents to teach individuals and businesses to market themselves online, while at the same time helping them with the technical aspect of things.

If you struggle with web sites, blog posts, graphics or videos; not to mention a multitude of other possible obstacles; let me help.

I will help you get your technical house in order so that you can worry about your business. Like the graphic says; You Run Your Business, I’ll Run Your Tech. Let me help you take your business to greatness by letting me deal with technical aspect of things. The plans are listed below.

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* Silver Membership will be billed by Synchronized Christmas, Inc. Silver Membership will get a WordPress site courtesy of HostedSite.Link. This will NOT be a MLSP ‘SITES’ option, and you will not have access to the MLSP specific plugins that ‘SITES’ offers. You will, however, be able to run your WordPress site in the manner you wish, with any compatible WordPress plugin allowed. (Synchronized Christmas, Inc. and HostedSite.Link are owned by Don Teague.)

* Gold/Platinum Membership requires a membership to My Lead System Pro. You will be directed to the purchase page. Why MSLP?

For a wider range of technical services, please visit DonTeague.Consulting.