MLSP Is A Scam?

I saw this post the other day on Facebook.

Then I got to reading the comments (shown in the image at the end of this post.)

My favorite was this comment.

I paid $95 a month for 14 months, the only thing i learned is how to set up a blog..

Let’s look at a few things that are wrong with this comment, shall we?

First on the list, price. The person who made this comment is/was from Canada. Unless exchange rates were really bad at one point, he didn’t pay $95 a month. The price for MLSP is either $149.97 USD or $49.97 USD a month. At today’s exchange rates that $95 CAD would convert to $73.34 USD.

Secondly, he spent 14 months with MLSP and only learned how to set up a blog? Did he miss the fact that MLSP has a CRM that can help him keep track of his customers/clients? Did he miss the fact that MLSP has a system that lets you create a sales funnel that let’s you (legally) collect names and email addresses for your list? Did he miss the fact that MLSP integrates with AWevver and GetResponse, letting you send those people to your list?

Folks, if you get involved with MLSP, which you can do here then know that there is an entire tool set you can use for YOUR business. Being successful in MLSP doesn’t mean that you recruit the most people into MLSP, it means you use the tools provided to grow your business and YOUR BRAND.

Remember, YOU are the brand. Not your network marketing opportunity, business or anything else. It’s YOU that are the brand, and it’s YOU that you need to promote.

MLSP simply gives you the tools needed to do so, and helps show you various ways that you could do so.


Learn more about MLSP here!

Produce Fast Money Online From Selling Leads

A way to make a little extra money online is from selling leads and referrals.

It works basically in the same way as affiliate marketing, but you are paid on a CPA ( cost per action ) basis.

The person you join up with could be in a totally different online business, or potentially and off-line business.

This is often done either thru a pay per click basis when a visitor clicks on a link on your internet site he is going thru to your partner’s Landing page, or you could be paid a commission when your other half makes a sale. There is a certain amount of give and take and trust using these techniques.

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Kick Up Your Blog’s Page Rank

Making your MLM blog popular goes hand in hand with how much traffic you can drive to it. There’s not one, but many different ways to achieve that. Of course, if you are just getting started with your MLM blog or if you have failed to bring in more traffic to your MLM blog then you are going to need to move your priorities to Google. It’s true; once you manage to get your MLM blog ranked in Google for the keywords you have targeted you won’t ever have to look back. In order to actually achieve this, you are going to need to get some backlinks to your MLM blog. These aren’t just any backlinks, they are the ones that will help you raise your page rank. This article will teach you a few things that you can do to increase your MLM blog’s page rank.

Need Leads? Increase Page Rank

You can raise the page ranking of your MLM blog by using forums to get some targeted backlinks. Most of the better forums on the Internet enjoy nice page ranks. They have a really strong reputation with the search engines.

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Heavy Hitter Network Marketing Sponsoring Systems

You must approach your network marketing sponsoring efforts with as much passion as you do when pushing your product.

If you adore network marketing, your zeal will show and you will not have any difficulty sponsoring other people into your downline. Network marketing is all about liking folk, and to be effective you ought to be fanatical about your product and keen on recruiting into your downline too.

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