Respecting Ones Time


It’s something that we seem to never have enough of, only to then not know where it went.

We, as humans, have decided that in our civilization that we need a way to track things, such as the exact moment the Sun is going to set on April 24, 2024, in Phoenix, Arizona. Time is the reason we have Leap Years and, my personal pet peeve, Daylight Saving Time.

However as Internet Marketers we sometimes forget that people out there have time restrictions that we have probably gotten away from. While we may not have to get up at a certain time each morning (other than to let the dogs out) others do. Others probably go to bed at a certain time because of their schedule the next day.

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Getting started in Internet Marketing

When you first enter the world of Internet Marketing (or Network Marketing) you may wonder exactly what it is you need to do. When you are done reading this post you should have a clearer vision of what you need to start doing.

The very first thing you need to do is consider why you are going into Internet Marketing. Is it to bring people into your current Network Marketing opportunity, or do you want to make some additional cash by reselling products to others? While there are other reasons, these are the two that I’m going to focus on today.

Network Marketing, or Multi-Level Marketing, is a form of individuals selling to individuals to make some extra money. The Network Marketing industry has come a long way in that now you are simply getting people to purchase products via links you send them. These links the ‘code’ the person to you, and you then get credit for everything that they purchase in the future. These MLM programs also reward you when you get others to sign up to resell the product.

Why do companies do this? Simple. Advertising. When was the last time you saw an Amway commercial on TV? Have you ever heard a Mary Kay commercial on the radio? If you have, then consider yourself unique, because TV, Radio, Newspapers, etc., are not places that companies like these use for advertising. Instead they have direct sellers (You!) who does the advertising for them. Thus if you are getting into Internet Marketing to get more people into your Network Marketing opportunity, you need to start an advertising campaign. To do that, you need to learn everything you can about Internet Marketing. Might I suggest you consider MLSP? My Lead System Pro is an entire community of marketers who are sharing their information with others, so they too can grow their business.

If you are getting into Internet Marketing in order to make some extra cash, then you too need an education to learn how to market to others. You should consider MLSP as well. Why? It’s very simple. MLSP has a wide array of products that you can resell and earn commissions on. That’s right, full marketing courses that you can sell to others and earn cash simply by marketing to others. MLSP has free products as well, which you can use to build your list. Building your list gives you more people that you can contact and send special offers to. In short, it’s more people that you can sell to.

As you can see joining MSLP can help you in many ways with your Network Marketing or Internet Marketing strategies.


Seize the day, no matter how you feel

Have you gotten up one morning and just not felt like doing anything? Maybe your signups are down from previous days/weeks. Maybe you aren’t getting any leads and it’s depressing you. Maybe you just feel like taking the day off.

Don’t! Part of marketing is being consistent, and constantly providing value and information to those who seek it out. There are many people who think all you have to do is throw up a blog post or two, set up some twitter messages and people will come flocking to you.

Guess what? It doesn’t work that way. You constantly have to create content and deliver it to your current followers, and have it available for your potential customers. Think of it this way. If you visit a site that hasn’t been updated in the last 6 weeks, would you think about taking marketing advice from them? Would you consider joining them in their Network Marketing opportunity? Probably not. Same goes for your site. If you are not constantly providing value, you are not going to be noticed in the marketplace.

No matter how you feel when you wake up in the morning, you have to move forward!

Which road are you on?

There is a road out there that has leaders there to help you become a marketing master. Are you on that road? Which road are you on? Are you on the road to success, or on the road to mediocrity?

My Lead System Pro is a road to leadership. It’s the road to becoming free. Free from time constraints, day job constraints and working for others. It’s a road filled with education, mentorship and friendship. It’s a road that is paved with friends willing to help you learn new skills and apply those skills to your business. It’s a road that will help you become that leader that you want to be, and give you the ability to help others, just like you’ve always wanted to do.

MLSP is an education platform that has many opportunities to meet with industry leaders throughout the week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday you have a chance to be on a webinar with these leaders and hear directly from there. Chat with other MLSP members and even ask questions to those leaders. The same leaders that are going to give you an education in marketing, and help you become the marketer you want to be.

If you want to Invest in yourself, Learn about new marketing methods and Teach your team to do the same, you can’t go wrong withMy Lead System Pro.

Shutdown Friday

Shutdown Friday? What’s what?

That is the view from my house right now. Social media is flowing with pictures of roads here in the Dallas area becoming impassable, with accidents piling up, etc. Schools are closing early, people leaving work, etc.

So what does this have to do with Training for Wealth? Everything! Just because things are closing up around me, doesn’t mean my income earning potential is eliminated. People will still buy the products I’m offering, will still join my Network Marketing opportunities, or visit the webinars that will cause them to want to sign up.

Do you want to know how this is done? Then you need to join me over on MSLP and learn everything there is to know about the marketing of You, Inc.